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Glove box with gas purification

SIEMENS PLC control system

Integrated blower

Attainable purity:H2O<1ppm ,O2<1ppm

one H2O/O2 purifier column

Oil-rotary pump incl. Oil mist filter.

Include standard accessories

Oxygen Analyzer 

Measures trace amounts of oxygen within an inert environment. Displays in units of ppm.

Moisture Analyzer 

Measures absolute content of water vapor within an inert environment. Displays in ppm, and dew point.

Solvent Removal (absorber) 

Inline Carbon Filter, designed to protect catalysts and sieves.

Glove box

1800mm wide x 900mm high x 750mm deep-Type 304 Stainless Steel,removable end panels ,equipped with 9 3/4”butyl gloves, designed to seal aroune 9” aluminum glove port RV-8 Edwards Vacuum Pump Included.Oil-rotary pump incl.Oil mist fitter. leak rate:<0.05vol%/h

Gas Purification

H2O/O2 purifier column Attainable purity:H2O<1ppm ,O2<1ppm Designed to maintain O2&H2O<l ppm="" .capacity="" of="" 20="" liters="" of <="" font="">O2&2.6kg of moisture before regeneration. Lindy Molecular Sieve,and BASF R3-11 Copper Catalyst.</l>

Microprocessor Control System

Includes self diagnostics,self start up after power failure,pressure controls,automatic adjustable Regeneration control, circulation control, password protection, O2&H2O read out, integrate with freezer,vacuum ovens, vacuum chamber controls.L.C.D. display Automatic pressure control system +/- 15mbar inside the box


0-60 CFM continuously variable blower, with vibration control. Pressure tested stainless steel enclosure.KF-40 Fittings.


Vacuum chamber made of stainless steel ø 360mm, Length=600mm??right side 1 Mini chamber Dia.150mm, length 300mm,right side.

External Pressure Control

Foot Pedal available to control Gas and Vacuum 

Caster/ leveling System 

All in one free spinning casters ,with adjustable leveling feet.