Membrane Catalyst Recovery

Ürün Bilgileri

Catalysts are important tools in the synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients and chemical products. Recovery of precious metal catalysts from process stream is a factor in cost control and environmental compliance. Catalysts, which are used to enhance and expedite chemical reactions, are a necessary part of chemical reaction processing. That process not only involves using the catalyst in the synthesis of an active ingredient or intermediate but further involves recovery of the catalyst.

Effective selection of a precious fine filter in the catalyst recovery process is a factor in achieving those cost savings. Precious metal catalysts are typically supported on carriers. Carbon supports are the most common carrier media for precious metal-bearing catalysts in processing industry. Heterogeneous palladium on carbon, platinum on carbon, palladium on alumina, and palladium on calcium carbonate are examples of catalysts and their supports that facilitate hydrogenation of intermediates. These catalysts do not last forever and, when spent, the catalysts need to be recovered.Crossflow ceramic membrane filter by can be used for this purpose.

Advantages of Ceramic Membrane for Catalyst Recovery

*High rejection of micrometer particles

*Continous filtration

*Stable filtration performance

*Long life time

*Easily regenerated by backflush

*No leakage