Integrated Membrane Process for API production

Ürün Bilgileri

For production of fermentation products like amino acid, antibiotic, after the fermentation process, the cells, microorganism, protein, colloid etc. should have to be first separated or filtered from the broth to get very clean liquid. Traditional separators like Frame Filter Press, Rotate vacuum drum filter, Centrifuge are used for liquid-solid separation in this step. Those methods can only roughly remove big solid substances such as the mycelium and impurities. Meanwhile, those methods are unable to fully separate the massive existences of soluble protein, macro-molecule organic matter.

The filtered liquid shows not high transmittance with residual insolubility and soluble impurities which would increase the difficulty in downstream extraction process and have bad effect on quality and yield of final product. Crossflow membrane filtration process based on TFT CRM technology become a very good process for mycelium separation in fermentation industry. Many TFT CRM membrane machines which were integrated with UF/NF membranes have been widely applied in fermentation industry in China, India, Hungary, Italy, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Compared with traditional Deadend filter, Centrifuge, or polymeric membranes,

ceramic membrane has many unique advantages:

>>Ultra fine nanometer pore size

>>Acid/alkaline/oxidation chemicals resistance

>>Solvent stability

>>High thermal stability and steam disinfected

>>Wearability and excellent strength

>>Easy to be cleaned and regenerated