Erosion Tracking Tester

Ürün Bilgileri

Erosion Tracking Tester / ETT / IEC 60587, KS C IEC 60587


Erosion Tracking Tester measures the resistance to tracking and erosion by using liquid pollutants and inclined plane samples. This equipment has two test methods for the evaluation of electrical insulating materials for use under severe ambient conditions at power frequencies (45 Hz to 65 Hz) by measurement of the resistance to tracking and erosion, using a liquid contaminant and inclined plane specimens. 

The two methods are as follows:

-Method 1: constant tracking voltage

-Method 2: stepwise tracking voltage

Test Result

• High Voltage Transmitter : 0 ~ 6 kV, 55 ~ 60 ?. 0.1A

• Inner serial high-voltage resistance : 1 k?, 10 k?, 22 k?, , 33 k?, 200W F grade

• SUS types of electrodes

• Electrical conduction meter : Resistivity (0.1?m ~ 10 k? m) and temperature

(0 ~ 100?) measurements

• Timing device : by Hour / minutes / seconds , detailed set

• Syringe Pump

-pollutants flow control devices that pass the standards, memory storage up to 10

• Digital Depth Gauge : Accuracy of 0.01m, the radius of the hemisphere's probe end is 0.25mm

•The name and type of tested material

•Details of the sample: manufacturing and size, washing courses and used solvent, information about pre-treatment, the thickness of the sample and the surface has been treated or not.

•The sample’s direction that is related with the electrode (the mechanical direction, the direction which intersects with the machine, bias, etc.)

•Methods of confirmation about the applied voltage

•The criteria of terminating the test

Size: 710(w) °—800 (D) °—1,715 (H)

Power: 220 V AC, 60 Hz, 5 A

Weight: 100 kg

Manual: Supplied

Utilities: Digital Scale, Conductivity Meter, etc.