Assembly Tester

Ürün Bilgileri

ISO 5659 Assembly Tester,

Modified apparatus by ISO 5660 & ASTM E 662,

KS M ISO 5659-1, KS M ISO 5659-2, ISO 5659-1, ISO 5659-2

This tester is to measure and observe shape of test specimen by radiation heat of Conical

Heater, and measures ignition time and mass loss rate.

• KS M ISO 5659-1: Plastics –Smoke Generation Part 1: Guidance on optical density test 

• KS M ISO 5659-2: Plastics –Smoke Generation Part 2: Determination of optical density by a single-chamber test 

• ISO 5659-1: Plastics-Smoke generation- Part 1: Guidance on optical density testing 

• ISO 5659-2: Plastics-Smoke generation-Part 2: Determination of optical density by a single-chamber test All-in-one Body and 19”Analysis rack 

• 17”Touch screen panel type PC for all controls and automatic test 

• Test chamber treated with Teflon Coating for easy cleaning and chemical resistance

• Locks designed for closing the Chamber door at once 

• Chamber pretreatment device for accurate and easy testing 

• 4 ports for measuring toxic gases 

• MFC (Mass Flow Controller) for automatically supplying gas and air flow in the Flaming Mode Test 

• Portable water cooling system with no need of water piping work in using Heat Fluxmeter. 

• Load Cell with improved accuracy for measuring mass loss rate in ISO 5659 Test 

• PID Temperature Controller with easy temperature control of Conical Heater 

• ISO 5659 DAQ(Data Acquisition) Program controlled by Touch screen panel PC 

* All the aforesaid configurations were designed to fully comply with general requirements of Standards.